I decided to create a blog where I can share my research updates and work on FB22 Labs. This blog is separate from my personal one which focuses on my career and life whereas this blog is strictly for FB22 Labs and anything related to it. ( Because of this sadly – it won’t have any jokes – no, this is illegal. )

I have been working in the last few years on education, AR and how to connect children to knowledge in a more interactive and efficient way. Education is powerful – especially in developing countries where it can make a change. A change better for progress, better for living – ultimately a better future for the next generation.

As I can’t just change the way to teach – say to cover a full degree program of 4 years to a fast tracked 2 year course. You might say this is possible but I disagree. Bootcamps and the glorified bootcamps which call themselves “universities” might advertise this but it’s not possible without extreme workload for the student and also for the staff.

Teaching is natural and learning happens slowly – baby steps. If you’re trying to learn anything you don’t jump. You crawl. You take steps, walk, run and then probably fly.

I don’t want to create to an “online university” or a “glorified bootcamp” sucking money for teaching syntax.

I don’t want money – I want impact.


Thoughts create impact.

Everyone has thoughts – good ones, bad ones, neutral ones, exciting ones, boring ones. I would love to hear the good and exciting ones.

Sadly though picking quality, stimulating thoughts of 7+ Billion humans is impossible for me. This got me thinking and after more thoughts I am ready to announce the first project from FB22 Labs.

Thought Farm: an AI platform to discover and share stimulating concise thoughts in technology, science, medicine, philosophy and futurism.

It’s going to be so exciting. Stay tuned.